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By filling out the form on the right of this page, you are not filing for SSDI/SSI benefits. You are submitting your information for a free attorney/advocate evaluation in regards to your potential SSDI/SSI claim.

Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits is a very tedious process. With the recent influx of claimants over the past few years, the SSA is denying more than 60% of individuals on their initial application, whether or not the benefits are actually deserved. Due to this extremely high denial rate, it’s more important now than ever before, to hire an experienced advocate or attorney to help guide you through the procedure.

Many people find that once they’ve been denied their benefits, that there is no hope for their claim. That is not true. If you have been recently denied your benefits, you have 65 days* to appeal your claim. If it has been longer than that time frame since your denial, you must resubmit an initial application. There is no need to let a setback prevent you from filing for benefits that are rightfully yours. An experienced SSD/SSI attorney or advocate can help you through the process ensuring a smooth experience.

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